Purposed Motivation

It isn’t always possible to receive from others the motivation we need to press forward, it needs to arise from within ourselves. Oftentimes our motivation derives directly from our life’s purpose, which may have yet to be discovered. Example, one may ask themselves why do they always seem to end up providing shelter for the problematic children of the family or how come the neighborhood children gravitate to their home. Maybe it’s because your life’s purpose is to mentor children and young adults. These incidents are not coincidental, they are a part of your blueprint and journey. Discovering your purpose and coming in contact with purposed affecting conditions, will not always be pleasurable. It is necessary to endure the suffering as well, the road will not always be filled with speed bumps, ditches and detours; smooth and sunny trails the same will unfold. The reason being, you will need to possess the ability to cope with the good as well as the challenging while walking in your purpose, which will lead to life’s most fulfilling accomplishments.

Hard times will surface throughout our walk in purpose and those undesirable conditions in which we cannot see a means to an end or a path of perseverance. However, once you weather the storm and reflect, please understand that God has given us all power and treasures beyond any riches. These that are hidden in those secret places within us, and concealed even from ourselves. Unknowingly we tap into the secret places and release the power and receive the ability to weather and triumph through the storm.

I haven’t always understood this about myself, my personal journey and discovery of self-love has revealed my deep uncharted waters.


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