When Life Has You Up Against The Ropes

Oh boy… I tell you when life has you up against the ropes it seems like there is no way out.

It’s like, anything that could go wrong goes wrong; kids want to act up, finances are at their lowest, relationships are too dysfunctional, vehicle breaks down, health begins to deteriorate, then here comes good ole depression to top it off. Now not only are you against the ropes but you’re to depress to fight, to move, to block or even to duck… you just wallow in this misery. You can not understand how or why you’ve ended up in this predicament, especially when you know better than to have put up and allowed this mess to happen in the first place (again for some of us). So… right about now this depression is really taking its toll on you and not only does life have you against the ropes and pounding you harder than ever before, you are now helping it. You’re beating yourself up and you’ve stopped looking for a way to escape this beat down. You are beginning to give up, to accept what the world has decided for you and to allow your dreams to perish.

LISTEN UP AND LET ME BE THE FIRST TO TELL YOU… no matter, no how, no why, no what you have done in the past (the second that just passed it’s over, done and gone; anything that happened before this moment is your past) you DESERVE all, I say ALL the wonders life has to offer. Don’t allow anyone to hold you to whom you were in the past. What is of upmost importance, is who you are NOW and who you will grow into. I know you are probably saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” everyone says that; it’s so cliché’; you don’t know my story, I don’t deserve better.  However… this “cliché'” is the truth, think about it for a moment; in order to grow we have to endure some things throughout our lives. Your walk is no different than mines; technically anyways; I have done somethings and have been a person in the past (any time before this moment) that I would not necessarily do or be now, or in my future. You see, those things do not nor will I allow them to define who I am today. Yes… I did those things, yes… I was that girl; however my dear at this time, in this moment I am Dimetra the woman of my present, not the girl of my past.

Although the specifics of our hardships my not be the same but the rules apply across the board. Just as I had to discover and develop the love for myself in order to want better, to not only want it but strive for it, and to have accomplished it. This process was not achieved overnight for me and it will not for you either. However, I can say that as long as you do the work it will be accomplished. I am not where I use to be, and am not where I want to be but I can say I have discovered my self-love and I am developing and improving upon it every day; by using defined actionable steps; I am a continued work in progress.

You’ve got this… muster up some strength and remember your why. Why you got in the ring in the first place. Or maybe you never defined your why, if not, the time is now… you’ve waited long enough. There’s no more time to waist!! Get up off them ropes and fight back; Identify your goals, create a plan and write it down, get an accountability partner, and CRUSH IT!!

Yes you are WORTHY, yes you are GREAT and YES you DESERVE it all!


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Dimetra Daily

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