The birthing of Dimetra Daily came through my own life’s trials and obstacles. I have experienced relationships at their highest and lowest points, closed doors of opportunity in corporate America, the day to day challenges of motherhood and the lack of self-knowledge. In life I have encountered situations, some good,  some bad. Throughout these encounters having support that was genuinely concerned with my well-being is what made things easier and/or more celebratory, which in turn truly helped me along the way.

As I took on these situations in absences of the needed support, I often felt alone and depressed. During these trials and milestones I wished there was a support system in place that could share with me their experiences and advice. When sharing my life experiences and/or motivational ramblings helps one individual through their storm or prevent it, it will be worth all of my efforts.

The cultivation of my discipline has allowed me to mature into the woman I presently am, not until the yolk had been destroyed did I comprehend who I was and how worthy I am of all life’s greatest rewards. After life altering discoveries, emerging was a transformed me, whom identifies as destined and purposed… Subsequently the challenges I’ve faced revealed my purpose, my reason of existence is to share my journey and its lessons with those in need to discover themselves just as I was.

I am Love

I am Blessed

I am Faithful

I am Strength

I am Powerful

I am Dimetra

Dimetra Daily.com, Birthed to Empower…

Dimetra Quarles is an entrepreneur, visionary and certified life coach who helps individuals transition from where they are to where they are destined to go. Empowering others to become the best version of themselves is her passion. Dimetra understands that permanent change begins with a transformation of the mind and to this end, she offers and facilitates a wide range of coaching programs, workshops and services.

“Within every moment comes a new opportunity to empower, seize it.”